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Wouldn’t it be great if you actually enjoyed your workout — if a challenging, body-transforming sweat session was one of your favourite parts of the day? That’s what’s happened for clients at Core Body Science, a pilates and personal training studio where people of all shapes, sizes, ages and fitness levels make friends and support each other while getting some of the best Pilates instruction in Toronto. If you’re worried that a Pilates-based workout isn’t enough to provide significant results, don’t be. This is not the “art form” of Pilates, it’s the “sweat form,” and your body will transform. Read more about Pilates here.

So what makes Core Body Science so special? It starts with owner Kelly Dolson, a registered nurse who has spent the past 25 years studying the principles of Pilates via intense, long-term courses. When Kelly taught at gyms, her classes were overflowing. And when she opened her own studio, many devoted students followed her here. Kelly’s strength is her ability to quickly assess a client’s weaknesses, bad habits and physical challenges and fix them while never putting that client at risk for injury. Whether you’re a top competitive athlete, a model getting ready for a big job, or a rehab patient just out of the hospital, Kelly can tailor a program for your specific needs and direct you to the classes that are right for your unique body.

If you’ve tried Pilates before, and didn’t see what the fuss was about, chances are you were in a class that was too easy, or that was taught by an instructor with insufficient training; someone who simply went by the book. Or you may have been in a large class, where the instructor barely noticed you there and couldn’t see the things you were doing incorrectly.

Recognizing the importance of the trunk in providing a stable base for movement in everyday life is just a starting point for core training. It is important to appreciate that exercising and strengthening without regard for proper alignment and addressing maladaptive movement patterns is shortsighted. Alignment is the foundation for optimal movement of muscles and bones that is required to prevent injury and correct recurring areas of pain (eg: cranky back/hips/neck).

The toolbox of knowledge you will learn about your body, how it works and how to work with it will be yours forever. These tools unlock the apprehension surrounding exercising, the lost feeling about what to do at home, and quietly and subtly allows you to believe in yourself and change yourself. You redevelop your health foundation from the inside out.

Pilates Principles are used in a traditional Pilates mat or reformer environment or translated into personal training or rehabilitation that creates a correct, coordinated plan customized for you.

What is Pilates

The Pilates Method is a specific style of exercising based on the method originally developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 1920s.

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Every person new to Core Body Science in Toronto will have their first Group Pilates class at no charge.

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