Total Body Energizer

Define your muscles! You will target every muscle group in this head to toe approach to group strength training. This class is designed for those looking to build strength for optimal muscle tone, fat loss and postural support. The exercises are faster paced to keep you challenged throughout and make you sweat. The benefits of toning your body go beyond strong muscles; you will increase your energy, improve your posture, and help protect yourself from injury. Repetition is key in this class so prepare to count sets and feel your muscles burn.

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Align and Define for beginners

Start with a series of stretches to develop your flexibility, range of motion, balance and posture. Reformer exercises are incorporated to condition the core. Feel younger, prevent pain and heal injury as work to re-align your spine. This will improve your sleep, digestion and overall health for an aligned and defined you!
Level: Beginner/Intermediate

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Legs, Bums & Tums

Looking for a class that targets your lower half? Think of this as the Daisy Duke workout! In this class we will utilize the reformer and small apparatus to challenge the lower body and tone your stems. Expect functional and challenging strength exercises to target the muscles in your glutes, torso, and legs. As always we will focus on form and precise movement to shape your lower half quickly. This class is designed to give your LBT a little extra love.

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Healthy Back, Balance & Core

This class will get you straighter and taller! The instructor takes time to explain Pilates foundation movements and principles while offering hands on adjustments and corrections. This is a positive, supportive, and encouraging way to begin to build more strength, improve core strength, improve balance and straighten your spine. The benefits of the exercises will keep working for you outside of class.

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Restorative Reformer

An introductory reformer class that is slower paced and places a greater emphasis on form and breathing. Learn how to manage the machine on your own and gain confidence to move into other classes. Best class to start with if you are brand new to Pilates.

This class teaches the underlying Pilates principles which allow participants to learn fundamental exercises to establish core strength and stability. This heightens mind-body awareness. Stretching at the beginning, after each exercise and at the end of class will reset muscles to their normal position and reduce next day stiffness. Proper alignment and emphasis on breathing is taught. You will leave feeling taller, more balanced and centered.

Level: Beginner

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Body Sculpt

Work your upper and lower body, along with your core using precise, targeted movements. This class is designed to build strength, add definition, and increase your bone density. By increasing lean muscle, body fat will decrease. You’ll achieve sustainable gains; improve coordination, raise self-esteem, heighten endurance, and develop greater cardiovascular and muscular endurance. All levels will benefit from this class.

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Teen Core & Strength

Now more than ever, young people need targeted exercise programs to keep them interested and committed. Using the padded surface of the Jumpboard  and the spring resistance of the Reformer, see how engaging yet challenging sessions can be developed for this group.

Great way for your teen to learn the right way to use their muscles and develop great form.Pilates is a great addition to any activity, Dance, Sports or on its own! The Teen Pilates is a 60 minute class for teens ages 13-18. Pilates complements all sports, dance, gymnastics, and more!

This program will help provide optimum toning to get back in shape using the Pilates Reformer, Pilates Mat and more. The teens see an improvement in core muscles to create a stronger, trimmer silhouette; improve posture and balance; and enhance your overall level of fitness.

CBS strives to create a warm and inviting atmosphere to ensure all fitness and Pilates experience levels feel welcome.

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Men’s All-Out Muscle Development

A hybrid combination of  exercises to strengthen your Core , support your Posture and to Strengthen and Define your smaller supporting muscles…Get ready for action!  Define your physique by optimizing strength in the smaller muscle groups.

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