Cristina Cornejo

Precise. Dedicated. Realigning.

Cristina is a certified mat, reformer, pre/post natal Pilates instructor. She has over two decades of experience with body mechanics from her years of training in gymnastics, cheerleading and Pilates. After many years of high impact sports, she developed degenerated joints in her back and knees. Still to this day, she is amazed and inspired how Pilates brought her a pain-free life in her body. Knowing this is attainable for almost everyone, its no surprise she is very passionate about educating her clients about Pilates and how their bodies move!

After knowing her for a bit, you might find she is also a certified teacher for high school, an artist, and very passionate about education no matter the age. To her, the first change always requires education first. This is why you might find her classes deliver a wonderful combination of a great eye to detail and knowledge of how it feels to move the body that have helped her clients improve their aches and pain, injuries and overall movement in their everyday lives. Cristina is very excited to be part of the Core Body Science family that also share her passion for Pilates and sharing this joy with the community.

Cristina's Classes

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