Yoga Class Schedule

Private classes only

1:30 pm Gentle Stretching, mat Pilates
7 pm Breath work, gentle flow

7 pm Bikram Series Hatha Yoga
8:15 pm Restorative with Hot Stone finishing with meditation.

1:30 pm Gentle Stretching, opening your heart centre
7 pm Gentle Flows and breath work, finishing with a restorative posture.

Friday Privates
Private classes only

10:30 am Breath work, gentle, invigorating flows, often incorporating different forms of yoga, like Kundalini, or Vinyasa.

4 pm Wind down the weekend, prepare for the week, grounding, relaxing class, finishing with Restorative.

How to schedule, class policies and general information

  • Enter through Core Body Science or through the side door. Doors open 15 minutes before class.
  • Please arrive 10 minutes early for your first class.
  • Classes are 1 hour.
  • All classes paid with cash, cheque or e-transfer.
  • Small group - $20
  • Privates - $50 for 45 minutes or $75 for 75 minutes
  • To attend classes, please email or go to my contact page. 7 people per class. Classes are gentle yet thorough. I have been modelling for 30 years. There will be the odd time I have to reschedule due to a booking. Emailing me that you are coming will also allow me to respond back if anything changes. I will always notify a day before if any changes. Thank you for your support and understanding. Looking forward to seeing you on the mat.


Our new address is 862 Millwood Road (middle room).

Send an email to to register for classes or go to my website's contact page.

P: 416.722.1456

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I found my love of Yoga in the late 80’s while living in New York, a friend took me to my first yoga class and it changed my life. I found a way of being present and in the moment when I practiced that resonated somewhere deep in my soul.

Working as a model from the age of 18 to present day, has given me spare time to study and attend workshops in between jobs. I took my first certification in 2000 in Gentle Hatha Yoga, then in 2001 Bikram Yoga in LA and then Stott Pilates 2008.

I created the name Yopila from the two methods of yoga and pilates. With 16 years of teaching experience, and thousands of teaching hours my class brings a gentle yet challenging flow, modifications are made to suit you and any limitations. Every class is a little different, the combination of the 2 methods brings about body awareness, you will tone and strengthen . These classes build stamina and endurance that enhance everyday living as well as building balance and coordination . As we age it is important to retain proprioception so we can feel at home in our bodies, aging with awareness. We use blocks and blankets and bolsters for modification and support.

The awareness of breath is always present in my class. Since attending a 12 day Vipassana meditation sit in 2011, I meditate daily. I often attend teacher workshops with International teachers such as Seane Corn, Sarah Powers and Elena Brower, always building my knowledge . The benefits of Yoga and Meditation have become well documented, scientific data overwhelmingly points out the positive benefits of a regular Yoga practice. Start today and change your tomorrow


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